September 28, 2016

The Neighborhood

Old City – Philadelphia’s Most Historic Neighborhood

Old City is an exciting and youthful Philadelphia neighborhood with an excellent, centralized location that allows for easy access to all areas of the city. This exciting area is packed with an amazing variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, businesses and attractions. This magnificent and historically significant community is distinguished by luxurious homes, tree-lined streets and historic landmarks. The diverse selection of galleries, boutiques, movie theaters, coffee shops and restaurants allow residents to maintain an exciting and active lifestyle. Members of the community constantly host local events that celebrate the art, culture and history of the area. One of the most exciting things about Old City is that it maintains its place in history while constantly reinventing itself anew to maintain vibrancy and a real sense of community.


Location, Location, Location

Old City is considered to be one of the most historically important regions in the country and residents are privileged to live among these notable sites. The area has a strong and stable real estate market due to its beautiful scenery, colonial charm and convenient, centralized location. The luxurious and historically significant homes in Old City are in high demand. The classical feel of the neighborhood blends with the area’s rich culinary scene, popular nightlife destinations and thriving businesses. Old city lies alongside the Delaware River and is bordered by Walnut Street, Spring Garden Street and North Fourth Street.


Old City is home to some of Philadelphia’s most beloved attractions, highlighting the city’s important role in the nation’s history. Independence Hall, where the Constitution was written, is a popular destination, providing an educational sightseeing opportunity and informative tours. The building also sits on luscious green grounds. The Betsy Ross House is nearby, and is preserved to commemorate the maker of the first flag. Residents can stroll through Elfreth’s Alley, a block of homes kept true to its colonial origins, and visit the Elfreth’s Alley Museum, dedicated to the history of “everyday Americans.” Old City also hosts the Liberty Bell one of Philly’s most famous attractions. This area features a huge selection of museums as well as a number of public art installations that celebrate both the history and modern day culture of the neighborhood. Old City is rich in historical treasures and locals have the opportunity to explore all of these destinations in depth and on their own time – avoiding crowds and tourist seasons.


Food and Drink

Old City is home to a large number of top-of-the-line and even critically acclaimed restaurants. Local dining destinations focus on specialized cuisines, and talented chefs love to showcase their skills and expertise through their creative menus. Area eateries trend toward upscale dining that features wine and cheese pairings, gourmet entrees and expertly crafted dessert and cocktail options. The atmosphere of these institutions is intimate, chic and ambient. Though high-class eateries are common in Old City there is also a wide array of delis, pizza shops and less formal eateries to choose from. Residents have no trouble finding a good meal in old City.

Old City also serves up high quality coffee with a variety of different blends and brands, featuring diverse, well-defined flavors. A strong cup of coffee from any of these shops pairs nicely with a sandwich or pastry from the many bakeries throughout the neighborhood. These delightful cafes serve as quiet getaways for busy Philadelphians to recharge and treat themselves.

On a weekend night the neighborhood is an exciting place to be, and the area comes to life as visitors fill the endless selection of bars, clubs and music venues. Each of these nightlife destinations has its own style and highlights such as delicious bar food, famous DJs, outdoor dining and even rooftop lounges. Old City bars are laidback and casual, focused on friendly and professional service that keeps guests coming back. The popular nightlife scene in Old City draws both neighborhood residents and visitors from all over Philadelphia and beyond.



The Old City shopping experience is highlighted by a large number of independently-owned shops. Most of the shopping options include art, clothing, furniture and gifts. The selection of high-end artwork is abundant because of the many art galleries in the neighborhood. In addition to all of these amazing galleries, Old City has many shops that sell art supplies and artistically inspired boutique clothing stores. The area also features numerous specialty shops that offer records, comics and vintage clothing. Residents revel in their ability to take advantage of this relaxing shopping experience with ease.

Old City also has several movie theaters and waterfront events that add additional options for leisure activities. Race Street Pier and the walking path across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge provide beautiful scenic spaces to relax and exercise. The Penn’s Landing dog park provides a lovely space for residents to allow their pets to run free while taking in the awe-inspiring scenery on the banks of the Delaware River. Old City also has a selection of pocket parks that provide gorgeous escapes for locals to quietly reflect and rest throughout the day.

While Old City has its roots in Philadelphia’s colonial era, it is by no means lacking the modern amenities that keep residents in the area, and keep visitors coming back. The juxtaposition of several-hundred-year-old buildings housing contemporary galleries, shops and restaurants is a dynamic unique to the neighborhood. Residents can rest assured that while they won’t have any trouble traveling to other destinations in the city for entertainment, while living in Old City, chances are it won’t be necessary.